With These Capacities, the Manufacturing, Collecting and Installing Are Done

Within 30,000 m 2 annually (Modular Production)

To ensure that MAP Company is one of the major corporate group which is pioneer in such field, high- level technical office was provided by expert engineers specialized in making shop drawings for implementing doors, windows and curtain walls.

Whereas the works of collecting and installing require professional labour, MAP Company provided training to its staff in order to qualify the specialized staff for providing exceptional works of Collecting, within the factory, and installing, in the sites. As the training was provided under the supervision of Emmegi Company, Italian company works in supplying the machines and equipment of factory. Moreover, MAP Company always provides ongoing training course.

With these capacities, MAP Company managed to acquire Supplying and Installing Contract of massive compound beyond the American University in Cairo, 5 th Settlement. The works of manufacturing, collecting and storing are ongoing.

Although the capacities of MAP Company qualify it to deal with all the aluminum sectors regardless their sizes and forms, MAP Company will deal with the high- level sectors which match with the international code in the line with the thickness, intensity and weight. Its forms and sizes fit with the Egyptian taste. This diversity provides multiple choices of sectors, which have big range of prices that fit with the financial schemes of the projects and fulfill with the consultants’ desires, to the clients.

Therefore, MAP Company adopted the following sectors in the current stage:

Teknal Sectors

Sliding: types: (Tango), (Tempo), (Jumbo), (Tendu), (Sonata), (Rock).
Curtain wall: type: (Panorama CW-52 & CW-62).

ALUMIL Sectors 
Sliding: M1200 & 9200 & 900 Sliding.
Hinged: M1500 & 9400 & 940 Hinged.
Partition: P200 & 100 Partition.
Accordion: M9800 Accordion.
Curtain walls: M3 & M4 Structural & M6 Curtain wall.
Thermal Sliding: S300 Thermal Sliding.
Thermal Hinged: M9650 Thermal Hinged.

PS Sectors
Sliding: 6600 & 9600 & 900 & 9900 Sliding.
Hinged: PS4800 & 5600 & 8000 Hinged.
Curtain walls: PS- 100 & 200 Curtain walls.

Whereas the glass is a main element in the product of MAP Company, it was agreed that the glass will be supplied by major companies of glass whether within Egypt or abroad, such as: Saint-Gobain Glass, Sphinx Glass and Arab Union in order to provide integrated works to their clients. The ordinary glass and double glazing, securit glass and laminated glass are operated by Dr. Greiche Company and Arab Union Company. In addition, we provide tens of electrostatic alternatives and almost 20 of wood painting in order to choose the suitable color. The painting is done by Al Dawlia for Treatment and Painting Metals or El- Salam Company for PS sectors.

The quality management tests and adoption the product’s validity are the sole indicators to deliver the final product to the client.

MAP has technical office which is specialized in providing Technical Proposals, Engineering Designs and research for any updates to provide it to our clients by the direct connection on the internet.

As well as, MAP Company uses all internal and external collected accessories from high- quality materials, furthermore, the used rubber is EPDM rubber; one of the non-stretching types and fit to Arab republic of Egypt weather.

MAP Company grants guarantees on all its products, which had manufacturing and installation by us, for one year from the date of installation against manufacturing and installation defects (if any), provides maintenance services after selling and accessories for five years from the date of installation.

MAP Company provides all those special products and services for our clients, and wishing it fulfills your satisfaction.

It will be our honor to execute your projects and adding your company to our clients list.

With these possibilities the company obtained a contract for the supply and installation of residential complex "Tebaruz" behind the American University Fifth Assembly and is currently undergoing the work of manufacturing and assembly and installation site